January 2021 AB Insights Newsletter

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 AB Connect Metadata


Learn what Metadata is, the type of metadata that you can expect on the standards you receive from AB Connect and how it can benefit your implementation by watching our new video. Watch it now.


What's New With Standards This Month

Standards Released


  • Australia, Queensland Curriculum Framework for Humanities & Social Sciences (2019)
  • Montana, Content Standards for Computer Science (2020)
  • Montana, Content Standards for Social Studies (2020)
  • South Carolina, Career and Technology Education (CATE) for various subjects
  • Utah, Core Standards for Computer Science Standards (2019) Grades 6 -12
  • Utah, Core Standards for Physical Education (2016 r2020)


Upcoming Standards


  • Iowa, Social-Emotional Learning Competencies (2020)
  • Montana, Content Standards for Library Media and Information Literacy (2020)
  • Montana, Content Standards for Technology Integration (2020)
  • Nevada, Academic Content Standards for Health (2020)
  • New Jersey, Student Learning Standards for Science (2020)

Standards Updates


Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Derivative Documents Extended Data Scheme Move


In order to better represent clarifications on the Common Core standards, Academic Benchmarks will be implementing upcoming changes to the National Common Core Standards and the states that derive their standards from the Common Core. The initial changes to the National document will be complete on February 5 and the derivative documents will follow in a rolling delivery.

Click here to for the specific details about how these changes are represented in AB Connect.


You can view the List of Standards released this month. Visit the Canvas Community to learn about previously released standards.

To learn more about these updates, contact us at absupport@certicasolutions.com.