July 2021 AB Insights Newsletter

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 JULY 2021
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Support Update

The Academic Benchmarks KnowledgeBase is now part of Canvas Community. You can find Onboarding Videos, Standard & Alignment Guides as well as read our Blogs and ask other users questions.

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Product Update

In order to streamline a browse experience for standard publications, we’re providing an extended publication description that concatenates additional metadata from region and authority and provides an intuitive list of publications.

API Object:


Typically we will use:

Employee Spotlight -Kevin Lyons


We’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the Academic Benchmarks team, Kevin Lyons.A passion for technology and education led Kevin to Instructure, where he sees firsthand how our products help teachers, districts, and education vendors efficiently simplify tasks while taking their teaching and learning initiatives to the next level.

Kevin’s excited to get to know our clients, and to understand how the Academic Benchmarks solutions impact their success. When he’s not connecting with clients, Kevin loves being outdoors, especially hiking!

What's New With Standards This Month

Standards Released

  • Delaware > Social and Emotional Learning Competencies (2020)
  • Idaho > Career & Technical Education Standards > Family & Consumer Sciences and Human Services (2015 r2020) > Idaho Apparel and Textiles (9-12)
  • Kentucky > Academic Standards (KAS) > Library Media (2021)
  • Mississippi > Career and Technical Education > Various Subjects and Courses (r2021)
  • Oklahoma > Academic Standards (OAS) > English Language Arts (2021)
  • South Carolina > College- and Career-Ready Standards (SCCCR) > Physical Education (2021)
  • South Carolina > College- and Career-Ready Standards (SCCCR) > Science (2021)
  • Virginia > Social Emotional Learning Guidance Standards (2021)
  • Virginia > Standards of Learning (SOL) > Economics & Personal Finance (2009 r2019)
  • Wisconsin > Standards > Mathematics (2021)

Upcoming Standards

Standards Updates

Canada, Nova Scotia Curriculum for Mathematics
Grades K-3 Publication and Document Path Move

Nova Scotia Mathematics for grades K-3 was originally captured under Nova Scotia Streamlined Curriculum > Mathematics—Specific Curriculum Outcomes (2015). Nova Scotia curriculum no longer includes any publications titled Streamlined Curriculum. To reflect an accurate Publication title, as of July 2, 2021, grades K-3 are now found under Nova Scotia Curriculum > Mathematics (2015 r2016), along with grades 4-12.

To learn more about this update, please see our Community Article.


You can view the List of Standards released by month. Download the Obsolete List to view standards marked obsolete for Q2, or visit the Canvas Community to learn about previously released standards.

To learn more about these updates, contact us at absupport@certicasolutions.com.