June 2023 Elevate Insights Newsletter

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Product Update

Elevate Standards Alignment released several new features on June 22. Release notes for this and past releases can be found here.

New features in the Align by Object side of the Alignment App! 

Search Standards
Users can begin the alignment process within the App by searching for and aligning to standards using the new Search Standards functionality. This can be used to launch crosswalk aligning to new content or for finding standards to fill gaps in a document. You can refine results by grade or region, and you can sort by relevance or region.




Global Filters
Users can apply filters for subject and grade at a global level when setting up Standards filters.



Standards Collections
After setting standards filters, users can save those settings as a Standards Collection, with full functionality of managing the Collection - create, read, update, delete. Collections will be available to any user within the account, saving time when setting up multi-user projects.



Please contact us at standard-support@instructure.com if you you’d like to learn more about Align by Learning Object.

Standards Released

What’s New with Standards this Month

  • Connecticut > Curriculum Frameworks > Healthy and Balanced Living (2021)
  • Florida > Career and Technical Education Programs > Various Clusters (2023)
  • Mississippi > Career and Technical Education > Various Courses (2016 r2022)

Upcoming Standards

  • Indiana > Academic Standards > Mathematics (2023)
  • Indiana > Academic Standards > English/Language Arts (2023)
  • South Dakota > Content Standards > Social Studies (2023)
  • Texas > Essential Knowledge and Skills > Social Studies (2022)
  • Utah > Core Standards > English Language Arts (2023)

You can view the List of Standards released this month. Download the Obsolete List to view standards marked obsolete for Q2, or visit the Instructure Community to learn about previously released standards.