September 2021 AB Insights Newsletter

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Product Update

AB Connect Alignment App

Last month, we introduced you to our 2021 Product Improvement, the Crosswalk relationship. We’ve curated Crosswalks between several key states and all other US Authorities in ELA, Math and Science. We’re delivering these standards relationships, defined between standards having one or more common skills, through our API in our Professional Edition. This month, we invite you to watch a video preview of our new app, AB Connect Alignment, that uses these relationships. We expect the app to be available beginning in October. If you have interest in a live demo, please contact


Employee Spotlight

AB’s new Data Operations Manager, Holly Grise


Holly Grise may be a familiar name for AB customers, but she recently took on a new role as the Data Operations Manager for Academic Benchmarks. We asked Holly some questions to help you get to know her. Keep reading to find out more about Holly.

What led you to your current position at Instructure?
My experience in the Education industry began with earning my undergraduate degree in English/Language Arts with a license to teach grades 7-12. After graduation, I worked in educational publishing for years. During that time, I held various editorial roles in which I utilized my ELA knowledge and education background to contribute to a variety of products, such as textbooks, assessment items, and other ancillaries. While working as a Freelance Writer/Editor, I began contracting for Academic Benchmarks as a Subject Matter Expert around 2007. I correlated National, State, and International standards to educational content. This experience coupled with my previous years of experience in the industry led to my in-house role in 2014 as a Project Coordinator at Academic Benchmarks. Two acquisitions and two promotions later led to my current
role as Data Operations Manager at Instructure.
What do you enjoy most about your role?
I like helping others, so I enjoy that the processes I manage and the data and metadata my outstanding team captures and maintains helps contribute to the continued success of our customers as well as a variety of Instructure teams and products.
What is your favorite activity outside of work?
One of my favorite activities is snuggling up in a blanket with my dog and a cup of tea while reading a good book.
Where is the most interesting place you’ve traveled?
I completed my student teaching and earned my Master’s Degree in England, so it is my “happy place.” I’ve traveled all over the country and seen so many wonderful sites and places, but one of my most interesting adventures was visiting Puzzlewood in the Fores of Dean. Not only is it incredibly beautiful, but there’s something about the landscape and the atmosphere that makes the place feel quite magical.


What's New With Standards This Month

Standards Released


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You can view the List of Standards released by month. Download the Obsolete List to view standards marked obsolete for Q2, or visit the Canvas Community to learn about previously released standards.

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