Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice- Alignable Utilization Change (February 2019)

Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice: Alignable Utilization Change 

Beginning February 2, 2019, the utilization metadata for the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice and related state standards will better reflect client needs.

Our data currently reflects that the alignable level is the long paragraph following the short mathematical practice statement.  The change will designate the standard statement as the alignable level with the paragraph being the clarification of that statement.

How will this change impact the standards data?

Utilization Metadata Change

The Mathematical Practices include utilization metadata that affect how the standards data is delivered, presented in AB Aligned, and—if accessed via API—how it behaves in client systems.

The utilization metadata change impacts which statement is alignable.

Current Utilization Metadata  

Below is the first Mathematical Practice statement followed by an excerpt of its descriptive paragraph. The current utilization metadata indicates the following:

1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. [Utilization = null]

            Mathematically proficient students start by explaining . . . [Utilization = alignable]

Updated Utilization Metadata

The updated utilization metadata will indicate the following:

    1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. [Utilization = alignable]

            Mathematically proficient students start by explaining . . . [Utilization = clarification]

The updated utilization metadata indicates that the practice statement “Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them,” is the alignable statement.

How will this change impact the delivery of standards?

Standards File Delivery Impact

    Descriptive Paragraphs May Be Excluded from File Deliveries

If your account is configured to exclude Examples in file deliveries, your account also excludes data where utilization =     clarification. If you need to re-request standards data that include Mathematical Practices and if you want to include the descriptive paragraphs that will be marked as utilization = clarification, contact support to ensure your account is configured appropriately.

Standards API Impact

    Implementations That Leverage Utilization Data May Be Affected

The API will reflect updated utilizations for the Mathematical Practices descriptive paragraphs. If you do not use utilization metadata, the change will not affect your systems. If you use utilization metadata, you will want to review how the updated utilization values will impact your system (e.g., presentation of data, use of data).

How will this change impact alignments?

AB Aligned: Descriptive Paragraphs Will No Longer Present for Recommended Alignments

AB Aligned will present the Mathematical Practice statement for recommended alignment. AB Aligned will no longer recommend the descriptive paragraph for alignment. Users may continue to manually align the descriptive paragraphs.

If your assets are currently aligned to the descriptive paragraphs in AB Aligned, AB Support can provide assistance moving or copying alignments to the practice statements.

External Alignment Data

Standards file deliveries and API indicate the AB GUID of the descriptive paragraph parent, which is the practice statement. If alignments are to the descriptive paragraphs, the AB GUID of the parent practice statement can be used.

When is this change taking effect?

The change will be made Monday, February 2, 2019

What action must I take?

Your action should be determined using the information above for your specific use case.

How can I get more information?

If you have any questions, please contact Support.