Florida State Academic Standards > Social Studies (2008 r2021) Capture Changes to Civics and Government and Holocaust Education Standards (May 2023)

Per feedback from the state, we are updating our capture of the Civics and Government (Starting in 2023-2024) and Holocaust Education (Starting in 2023-2024) strands. The benchmarks that have bulleted lists were originally captured as two levels with the bullets being the alignable statements. Per the state, the bullets and the parent statement are meant to be treated as a single unit.

How will this change impact the standards data?

Both the parent and children (bulleted) statements will now have an alignable utilization. Additionally, the parent has been tagged with the API property of  has_list and its children in_list. This will allow the user to roll up the statements should they choose.

Here is an example of how the statements appear in the source file:

Example Statements

Previously, the three bulleted statements would have been alignable and the parent would not. Now, both the parent and its children are alignable.

How will this change impact alignments?

Any existing alignments between assets and standards will not change.

When is this change taking effect?

These standards were updated on 5/15/23.

What action must I take?

You may want to update your version of the standards to reflect these changes.