Standard Relationships

More than just libraries of standards, Elevate Standards Alignment also includes standards relationships, which allow providers to leverage existing standards alignments and expedite alignment of content to multiple states and market segments.

Direct Relationships occur between an Origin and a Derivative Standard. An Origin standard is typically a relational document, like the Common Core State Standards. A Derivative Standard is created from an Origin Standard.

Indirect Relationships occur when standards are related through their relationships to a common source.

  • Peer Derivatives are related through a common Origin Standard. An example of this relationship includes two states that have adopted the Common Core State Standards.
  • Peers are related through alignments to a common educational resource. These standards are crowd sourced from curated, targeted, resources. An example of a peer relationship is one that exists between authorities that do not share a common origin document, i.e. a state that has adopted the Common Core and one that has not.
  • Topic are related through a common classification to the controlled vocabulary of the Topic Taxonomy.