Canvas Free-for-Teacher FAQ


Welcome to the Canvas Free-for-Teacher User Group! We're glad you're here and that you want to try Canvas using a Free-for-Teacher (FFT) account.

What features are available in FFT accounts?

Free-for-Teacher accounts contain most of the basic options available in Canvas environments. Some functionality is only available to paid customers, however. View our Canvas Course Comparison PDF or visit our Free-for-Teacher page.

How do I get started with my FFT account?

If you don't already have an account and need to create a course, visit our Try Canvas page and select the Get a Free Canvas Account button. Complete the account information fields and you’ll be on your way!

For a walkthrough of the signup process, follow the steps in How do I sign up for a new Free-for-Teacher Canvas account as an instructor? 

You can create a course any time after you complete registration. However, you must verify your email address per the email instructions to complete your registration before you are able to publish your course, use ePortfolios, or add and launch course External App (LTI) tools.

How do I get help with my Canvas FFT account?

The majority of your questions can be answered within the Canvas Community!

  • In our Q & A space, you can search to see if your question has already been asked & answered. 
  • Use the Canvas Guides to learn about Canvas features and functionality.
  • In the Join Groups page, find your user role, join a group, and collaborate with like-minded individuals! We have user role groups for instructional designers, admins, and developers, and we have interest groups such as free-for-teacher.

When should I contact Canvas Support about a FFT request?

Our Canvas Support team is able to assist you if you have one of the following four request types:

Deleting FFT Accounts

If you decide you no longer want your FFT account, you can request to delete your account. Deleting your Canvas account cannot be undone and will delete all Canvas information including courses, assignments, grades, and participation. Do not request to have your account deleted unless you are certain you absolutely no longer require any access to your prior Canvas activity.

Restoring Deleted Courses

If you've accidentally deleted a course and need to get it back, Canvas Support can help restore the course for you. 

Resetting Passwords

Ensure you have followed the instructions in How do I reset my password as an instructor? ‌, but if you're still having trouble resetting your password, please contact Canvas Support for assistance.

Making Courses Public

Canvas courses can be set to a specific visibility option, which includes having the course be public. By default, courses are not public in FFT accounts. Public course details are included in How do I customize visibility options for a course? and allow users to view most course content without participating in the course. If you require this option, please contact Canvas Support.

Similar functionality to making a course public involves an option in Course Settings that allows anyone to access your course URL and join the course, as shown in How do I enable course self-enrollment with a join code or secret URL? This functionality enrolls students who join the course and allows full course participation.

To request support help, open the Help Link in the Global Navigation Menu and use the Report a Problem option. Please allow at least 24 hours for a support reply for these types of support inquiries. You may also consult with Impact's in-app support for commonly asked questions. 

Community Member

Hi. I would like to know if it is possible for a student to acces to my Canvas free course or webpage just by typing my name without having a link or a code or having been put before in the course as a participant and after access to my Canvas free course or webpage, access to the content.

Thank you for your help.

Marco Porlier,

Community Member

It would be nice to know how to edit or remove an email address listed

Under Account > Settings > "Ways to Login" > I have two lines showing different email addresses and the organization "Free for Teacher". One of those email addresses is old an I want to edit or delete it. Sounds ordinary but I can't locate how to do this.


Hi @MarcoPorlier, we previously included an option for a public course index, where your course would have been searchable, but that feature is no longer available for FFT users. However, you can still leverage the join codes and self-enrollment options as indicated here:




Hi @Wadeblah ,


Navigating to Account -> Settings as you indicate, you can delete email addresses in the top right under "Ways to Contact". If the undesired email is your default login, then you can toggle the alternate email with the star and then delete the undesired one. Thanks!

Community Member


I have already deleted from the top right under "Ways to Contact". There is, and has been, only one email address there. Yet under "Ways to Log In" there are two email addresses.

I guess you have not experienced this for yourself. If only it worked as intuitively as you describe (or worked at all). Thanks for responding.




If you want to send your account login to me via private message (you need to enable this in the community), I can help resolve this issue for you. Thanks. 

Community Member

Hola, quisiera saber si existe algún límite de estudiantes para agregar a mi curso creado en la versión gratuita para profesores ? 

Y también alguna guía de como ir agregando a estudiantes en la versión Gratuita, gracias. 


Community Member

Hola quisiera saber si existe algún límite de estudiantes para agregar a mi curso creado en la Versión gratuita para profesores ? 

Y también una Guía para agregar a estudiantes en este mismo curso de la versión Gratuita, gracias. 

Community Explorer

@KevinMeredith I was looking for a place to submit feedback and feature requests for the FFT iteration of Canvas and couldn't find it.  So I'm posting here.  I'd love...

-the ability to allow/disallow student comments (on assignment submissions, etc.)

-to see the "Calendar" app updated so that I can post an event to multiple course calendars in one go (i.e. select more than one course from the drop down), and it would be nice to be able to schedule an event over multiple days with simple "from" and "to" fields instead of dealing with the whole "duplicate" process.


Thanks much for providing this resource!

Community Novice

Is there any other way to have students join the class other than email? 

Community Contributor

@HeatherSulzle As far as I know, on FFT you can only add students via email.