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When I am logged in as an Instructor:

1. Once I create BigBlueButton conference on Free for Teacher account, the name of the conference shows up with a button on the right saying "Start".

2. When I click on "Start", a new page opens and redirects me to No BBB instance appears and I am not redirected further.

3. When I click the tab for Canvas on the Conference page,  I have the option to "End" or "Join" the conference.

4. It appears that BBB conference is running somewhere but I'm not directed there when I click "Start" or "Join".

This course starts on Friday and I need to do a few dry runs before then. I've used this feature before and it worked smoothly. I'm not sure now why it is redirecting me to blindsidenetworks, because according to Canvas and Blindside documentation, BBB is integrated with FFT accounts.

Please advise. I have been designing the course under the assumption that BBB is still integrated for free.



***By the way, when I log into the course as a student, I am able to start and join a BBB conference which loads smoothly. Just can't do it as the Instructor for some reason.

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