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I use Canvas as an instructor to deliver units of study at a university. If I wanted to use Canvas to deliver vocational training as a separate activity to my University teaching (i.e. the participants would not be university students), would I have to set up a separate Canvas account with a different email etc.? 



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Hello  @a_martin  and welcome to the Community!  We had a similar situation at our institution recently.  We normally run all of our classes through our regular, paid Canvas instance.  However, we decided to offer a course to community members in May.  As the course participants were not regular students, rather than work with our IT department to give them access and later take them out, we found it cleaner to set up a Free For Teachers account and run the class through this instance.  Individuals just set up a FFT account and accessed the course entirely outside the regular University Canvas account.

Perhaps someone could provide insight into whether this is necessary or just what worked in our situation.  I do know that we had a few university students take the course and they appeared able to set up a FFT account using their institutional email address, even though they already had a paid Canvas account attached to that email address.

I hope this helps and someone else has insight as well!

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