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Free-For-Teachers opened my eyes to the possibilities

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What ways do you use Canvas Free-for-Teacher?

As I've outlined in a K12 blog post (Students who say, "just tell me what to memorise," and how to serve them​), discovering Canvas was extremely exciting. I spent the Christmas holidays investigating all the tools, making content, and got ready to wow my students with this futuristic-science-awesomeness - and they said 'meh'.

This year I'm going to have a different strategy - start gently, from the very first lesson, with an introduction to the platform. Hopefully, I'll get it right this time!

Specifically, I was looking for somewhere to host all my course materials and quizzing links. There were other websites that I could use (Socrative, Nearpod, etc.) but there was nothing that incorporated all the elements I wanted for my students. Then Canvas came within view and it was love at first sight.

How does FFT inspire you to be creative?

My students now undertake a range of assignments online and offline that, I think, were inspired by FFT. They make infomercial films; they write their own exam scripts, model answers, and mark schemes to test other students; they complete class tests by giving presentations; they engage in peer-support and teaching opportunities for younger students. In essence, I took the students' expectation that every lesson would simply teach content for and ways to answer examination questions and turned it on its head. Now, I want students to learn how to be good learners, rather than just successful test-takers. And that makes my job much more fulfilling.

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