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Have I told you lately that I love you?

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Oh, Canvas FFT, it is all coming together beautifully...did you know?

I now have a mark book that produces a current grade average automatically...I can see who are the top performers and those that need more support and scaffolding... differentiation for class tasks and prep is now not only feasible but evidenced.

Did I mention how much I love the SpeedGrader and being able to moderate quizzes? How I've found resources in the Commons that save me time in planning? How I can email students to congratulate for being above the exceptional threshold in a test, and set resubmission assignments for those that didn't pass? How I can set and monitor cover work for when I'm home ill, like today?

Now, if only I could get them all to actually open their emails and accept the invitation to the course...

Top tip: don't give them more than they can handle. I've made the homepage Modules and the only other option is Grades; they can't get lost or confused... probably.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Totally agree with your top tip about making the homepage Modules! Cuts down on a lot of the confusion!

Community Team
Community Team

...and +100 for streamlining the course navigation! It would alleviate so much confusion if every teacher would do this.

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Wow, if only more teachers felt that way about education workflow! Dr Rimmer, people like you, active and feedback-friendly, lay a piece of a bigger picture...You help ed tech startups see the real human need! This is an invisible power that motivates to keep on going ahead!