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I hit publish...

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Back when this "service learning" course I'm wrapping up was active (it ended 12/6, but we can finalize our submissions and submit 'til 12/31) I tried to let another person peek at the Canvas course I'm mucking about with as the "extra credit" part of the course.

   Seems we had to invite each other to be TA's to look at the materials.  

   I *think* that is because the course isn't "published."   Since I'm "Free for Teachers" I have no idea what the 'administrative' ramifications of publishing are, but I figured that if the folks at the service learning course were going to be able to check it out, I'd have to do that.   I logged out of the other 'puter and ... seems I could get to things at Course Modules: Math for Transportation: Introductory Lesson    even if I weren't logged in. 

    I've spent today's hours trying to figure out which files should go where.  

    ** That idea about letting people see what something is before they click into it would be really useful to me!!!**   I can think of the best titles I can, but I don't always remember which of the 10 or so videos & lessons I'm looking at.  Since breaking things into tiny chunks is an important part of my design,  I need to figure out a way to manage that (which might be a low-tech 'make an annotated list of your titles, dear, and stick it on the wall!')  

     I'm going to be making mad revisions betwixt now and the end of the year (and beyond)...