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Like Don Bryn, I want a way to get students into a "course" so they can do things online -- before they're students, and/or independent from our "system."   I anticipate the same unfamiliarity w/ Canvas and, thus, necessity for "track down to contact" measures.   I work with students who want to build math & reading skills to be better prepared for college, and I"m trying to create a course for basic number sense.  

       I'm doing this through the exciting "Instructional Design Service Course:  Gain Experience for Good" here on Canvas... I completed it last semester so I'm trying to take it to the next level this one! I've got a school "Canvas" account, but making a "Free for Teachers" one liberates me from all kinds of nonsense, though it does make for some weird log-in complications. I"m hoping it will enable me to make things REally Awesomely Open. 

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