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My attempt to make a little "you grew up and never learned your math facts?"  course ... 

I dream of being able to have a practice deck -- two from this group, three from that group, two from the other... now let's scramble them!    Do it again Smiley Happy       Looking for "mindful mastery" as opposed to "mindless rote..."   and recognizing that it probably really honestly doesn't matter if the quiz is in a predictable order so BACK TO IT... 

Still wish I could ... you know..."save and keep this copy to edit" so I could make lots of similar questions quickly.   My hour combing for "where's all tha tnew stuff with quizzes they were going to unveil at the conference" ... no gold... 

And good grief!!!!!   To change order of questions in a quiz... I "can" grab and drag them.   Oops, no I can't, if they have to go beyond a screen.   I either have to click "move to" and say where it's going or ... shrink my zoom.  Getting into MacGyver All Day zone ... 

And no, if I pick the wrong group (I don't want the ones with pictures)... too bad so sad, you can't edit that. Do it over!   Of course I can't do it over where it is -- no, I'm going to have to make a new question and then move it.   

I love open but if it's going to take more time than I have then... I'll be going to other resources.   I already tabled this once.  

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Have you seen my work around for duplicating quiz questions? It's not perfect, but it's worked pretty good for me -