Trouble Adding New Students

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Hello, all.

This has happened with 5 or 6 different students now. I try to invite them to a course, but then the last stage of "Add People" where it says "users are ready to be added to the course" it will list the new invite's email address as already being associated with another student's name. There seems to be no way to correct this. Even removing both students from the class and starting over doesn't seem to help. 


Has this happened to anyone else? What is the solution?

Thanks much!


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I experienced this problem with a student today. Their name was somehow changed to another student's in the course, though the email is still his. I removed and added him again, but this does not solve the problem. He went into his own profile and corrected the name, but the mistaken name is still showing up in the list of people in the course. Please CANVAS help with this problem!