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WHat's the status of things?

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I'm taking BlendKit2017 on Canvas ... and hoping to use some of the stuff I'm playing with here, there (tho' it's with my "parkland college" identity b/c I know I'll still have a job for the next five weeks).   

I'm also wondering why, in the reworking of the "community," I don't seem to be following anybody any more.   I'm going to just wait a while to see if it's something somebody's processing... 

  Going to try to embed,,, okay, don't see html possibilities in here so ... back to the lesson to try it there~

Community Coach
Community Coach

I responded to your question about this on a different post, but from your profile I see that you are following 43 people and 17 people are following you. 

Hope you have a job for more than just the next five weeks!

Community Member

Thanks!   Mainly I'm trying things out to see if they work the same way, etc.