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Canvas K12 CSM Team Webinars

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To register for an upcoming webinar, click the title under "Upcoming" and follow the instructions included in the description.

To view a recording, click the name of the webinar beneath "Recordings." 



Canvas K12 CSM Team: End of Year Best Practices 

Registration coming soon




Canvas CSM Team: Google Assignments in Canvas

Click HERE to review Google's support page.

View THIS document to learn more about Google's Admin role and the associated privileges. 


Canvas K12 CSM Team: Elementary Enhancements with Canvas Product

View the associated handout HERE. The Q&A has been included.

View the Canvas for Elementary Community space HERE. You must be logged into the Community and request access to join this space. Your request should be approved within 24 hours. If you have any questions or concerns, please email your CSM team.


Canvas K12 CSM Team: Features, Settings, and Services to Consider in 2021

View the associated handout HERE.


Canvas K12 CSM Team: Data and Analytics in Canvas 

View the associated handout HERE.



Canvas K12 CSM Team: Parents in Canvas

View the associated handout HERE.


Canvas K12 CSM Team: Terms & Grading Periods

View the associated handout HERE.


Canvas CSM Team: Canvas Product Roadmap - Planning for Success

View the associated handout HERE.


Canvas K12 CSM Team: Welcome back Webinar


Faculty Lounge: Canvas Studio


Faculty Lounge: The new Training Portal, Training resources, & Consulting


Faculty Lounge: MasteryConnect


Faculty Lounge: Field Admins & Support Packages


Faculty Lounge: Canvas in the Elementary Classroom




Faculty Lounge: Using Nearpod


Faculty Lounge: Canvas Hacks


Faculty Lounge: Using Math in Canvas


Faculty Lounge: Rubrics


Faculty Lounge: Unpacking Your Canvas Classroom


Faculty Lounge: The Canvas Success Model 


Faculty Lounge: Wrapping-Up Your Canvas Year 


Extra Credit: Up Your Game with Canvas Services 


Extra Credit: MasteryConnect 


Faculty Lounge: Grading in Canvas 


Faculty Lounge: Quizzes.Next