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Drive your Hybrid Classroom with Canvas! - October 2020

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This webinar explored how you can use Canvas to drive your hybrid classroom. Our in-house guru, Su Temlett, along with the CS team covered 10 tips for success for when you have students learning from multiple locations including the classroom, at home, or on the go. 

We discussed:

  • How to use canvas features to guide students through their learning journey
  • Planning synchronous time with your students
  • Identifying sound content design and its impact
  • Encourage collaboration
  • plus much more

We approached this topic from a predominantly K-12 aspect, but the ideas and over-arching concepts can be easily replicated in any sector. 







Drive Everything through Canvas

No longer use Canvas as an additional feature or add on. Use us for every lesson - all students can use Canvas to capture the crux of their lesson. This is great for students who are at home sick, long term sickness or for if you need casual cover for your lessons. 

Put your T&L program online 


Use sign posts

Use Module Requirements, Prerequisites and strict naming conventions to guide students through their learning. 

Module Requirements

Naming Conventions



Check the Petrol

Use frequent low stakes formative assessments like Hinge Questions to help you know who has got it and who needs a bit more help - data driven teaching both at home and at school.

Practice Quizzes & hinge questions


Stop for Coffee

Plan synchronous time with groups of kids - you can group them from the formative assessment data if you like - use video conferencing tools for synchronous times if you have students at home, or form workshop groups in class or just teach the whole class F2F. 



Scheduling on Calendar (and make them recurring)


Avoid Fatigue

Don’t use assignments unless you are going to mark the content. Use Pages for one way content and Assignments sparsely for when you want to mark students work. Use Quizzes to check knowledge and comprehension. Build in answers to the quizzes to help reinforce or reteach wrong answers.




To-do list (even add pages

Module Requirements  


Get your passengers talking

Use discussions to aid student engagement. Make some discussions compulsory to ensure students are communicating with each other. Use general discussion participation marking rubric /12 to start expectations around discussions with each other 

What I say

How I say it

How I talk to others 

Post Once, Reply Twice 

Post before seeing replies 

Use Marking Rubric 

Record video or audio into discussion posts


Pimp Your Ride

Use rich content to speak to students. Content providers, videos from Youtube, Click View etc. Anything that can support your teaching. Just as kids use media for long car trips, use media for engagement and teaching in this. Ask students to find media that can teach each other. Use Studio to build your own teaching videos easily.  



Embed video into a page

Record video or audio into pages 


Group Your Passengers

Create groups of students. 

Encourages collaboration, reduces individual marking time, ensures that all students have a space to work as a group. 

Automatically create Groups

Group discussions


Assess the Journey 

Use Classic or New Quizzes for Summative Assessments. In particular, look at the Stimulus Question feature in New Quizzes to create exam style assessments when students are responding to stimulus material. 

New Quizzes 

Stimulus Questions 


Enjoy the Ride

Don’t be too focused on the driving that you forget to enjoy your teaching. Teachers love relationships with students and this is what students thrive off too. Work out ways that will speak to your class to continue building on relationships.

Informal discussions


welcome messages

Students recording messages