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End-Of-Year Email Template

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As best practice, here are our recommended action items regarding end of the year communication to your teachers.  
Hey there!
Wondering what to expect as the end of the school year approaches? Have no fear! We have you covered! Students will have access to this year's courses until date. After that, their courses will be removed from their dashboards and they will not have access/will have read only access. Teachers will have access to make edits, score assignments, and make changes to grades in courses until date. After that, you will have read only access. (Don't worry though, you will still have access to import that content into next year's courses so you won't need to start from scratch!)
Are you a go-getter, a planner, always two steps ahead? Do you hate vacation time and want to spend June and July preparing to mold young minds this fall? If you are planning on working on your Canvas Courses over the Summer to get a jump start on next year, here are a few ideas on where to start! 
  • Share to Commons If you'd like to share your course content to Commons privately, with others in the district, or with the public, you will need to do so before your course is concluded on date. (Don't worry, you can still import the content without sharing to Commons if you choose. See below.)
  • Create a "Sandbox" Course (Only if account setting, "who can create new courses - teachers" has been enabled) Since you won't have your course shells for next year's classes until closer to the fall, you can create a new course to begin preparing. Teach multiple preps/courses? You can create as many Sandbox Courses as your heart desires (just make sure to name appropriately to avoid confusion). (You may want to establish a naming convention here).
  • Import From Commons Import content from courses you have shared to Commons or resources shared by other educators into your new Sandbox Courses.  
  • Copy Course Content From Past Course  You can import all of your course content from the previous year or select specific content from past courses. Here (in your Sandbox), you can make any additions or edits to prepare for next year. Make sure to select the box to include completed courses to get a full list.


  • When you get your new course shells in the fall, follow the directions above to import the content from your Sandbox Course or last year's completed courses into your official fall Canvas courses.