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Philippines User Group 2021 - Session 3

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Designing online assessments at The University of Technology Sydney

The Philippines Canvas User Group Committee (PHUG) and the Canvas Priority Services are pleased to present a series of webinars designed to assist you in improving your Canvas skills for the upcoming academic year!

In this webinar, with the team from the University of Technology Sydney, we will explore considerations around what makes a good assessment and the lessons learned from our experiences with transitioning learning online.

In this session, you will learn about:

  • Considerations around good assessment design
  • Experiences with supporting teachers with designing assessments online
  • Lessons learned from transitioning to remote teaching



Presentation Decks

  • UTS Presentation Deck
    Webinar_ Designing online assessments at UTS.jpg

  • Canvas Presentation
    PH Webinar 3_ Designing online assessments at The University of Technology Sydney.jpg

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