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Our instructors have really appreciated some of the enhanced features of the new gradebook filters, however, there are a few options that are missing from the enhanced filter options that our instructors don't want to lose. These concerns have all been temporarily alleviated by disabling the enhanced filters, setting the original views as desired, and then re-enabling the enhanced filters allowing instructors to have the desired views.

Notes Column

The notes column was an option with the original filters under "View" and many of our instructors use this column in their gradebook. By disabling the enhanced filters, you can select to view the notes column and it will remain visible and usable after the enhanced filters are enabled, but it isn't an option after the enhanced gradebook filters have been enabled. 


Reorder Modules

Our instructors do not allow students to view the "Assignments" tab in the course navigation, therefore, instructors do not organize their Assignments there, but instead, they order them in the Modules. Previously, instructors could reorganize the gradebook by selecting "Arrange By" > Module - First to Last (or Last to First) and it would organize the gradebook by modules. If the grades are not already set by Module - First to Last, when using the Enhanced gradebook filters and filtering by one module, the assignments are not in the same or as the Modules, and there isn't an option to order it by Module.


Viewing Unpublished Assignments

Many of our courses have a pre-designed template and instructors can choose to add, modify, or remove assignments. Teachers usually unpublish undesired assignments or create assignments that may or may not be used, and leave the assignments unpublished. In the original view of the gradebook, instructors could choose to deselect "View > unpublished assignments", but this option is not available with the enhanced filters. 

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@Kattia - re: notes column and unpublished assignments: be sure to check out Gradebook Settings > View Options. This button image is a gear/ cog and is at the top right of the grades view.

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