Feedback on Enhanced Gradebook Filters feature preview

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Thank you, Instructure team, on your efforts to improve the Canvas Gradebook! The prospect of these changes is welcome news at our institution!

We recently tested the Enhanced Gradebook Filters feature preview, and had some feedback to share. We've seen some of issues specified elsewhere, but wanted to share a few things we didn't see expressly stated in other posts.

Section condition type

  • The section condition type only applies the first condition filter if the same condition type is selected in both conditions.

Student Group condition type

  • The Student Group condition type only applies the first condition filter if the same filter type is selected in both conditions.

Submission condition type

  • Choosing the same condition type turns the selection into an "or" selection instead of an "and" - a wider selection as opposed to narrowing it down. This needs a tooltip to explain what is happening. The "or" functionality also applies when a new filter is created and applied with the same condition type.
  • This filter does not remove rows for students who do not meet the criteria - it just focuses on columns that meet the filter condition, which is not the expectation of most end users.
  • Ungraded submissions is always a subset of "has submissions" which means these filter conditions should not stack. "Has submissions" always shows everything, which seems to negate the filter value.
  • Submission filters malfunctioned upon page refresh and no assignment columns appeared until the filter was removed.
  • Also, this filter shows unpublished assignment columns, which doesn't align with user expectations.

Start Date Condition Type

  • This filter only works when due date is set. Labeling this "Start Date" is misleading. This condition type really applies to the due date.
  • Start Date filters malfunctioned upon refresh and no assignment columns appeared.

End Date Condition Type

  • Like "Start Date," labeling this "End Date" is misleading. These condition types really apply to the due date.
  • End Date filters also malfunctioned upon refresh and no assignment columns appeared.

General Feedback

  • What is the objective of the condition types for submissions vs. ungraded submissions? What is the value of this condition type?
  • The Filters slide-out menu should make the gradebook width auto-adjust so entire gradebook width displays with slide-out present.
  • The entire feature would benefit from tooltips - and would greatly be helped by tooltips explaining use cases for why the user might use the specific filter condition type.

Again, thank you all for your work on this feature. We understand it's in the early stages, and we're eager to roll this out to our instructors once some of the above issues are resolved.

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