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Feedback on First Use of Gradebook Filters

I turned this feature on and ran some tests. Here are some issues:

  • A no-condition filter is automatically applied when entering the Grades page. Since there is no-condition, no grades are shown except for assignment group totals.
    • One of my multiple test courses shows this as "unnamed filter". The rest simply say "Applied Filter: None" but then no grades show--they're ALL being filtered.
  • Saving a filter, leaving the grades page, and coming back suggests that the filter is active, but it is not. The filter must first be turned off and then turned back on.
  • The "Has ungraded submissions" filter does not give the expected results, although I might be unclear on what the expected results are. When using this filter I see columns that are fully graded and several others where all the actual submissions have been graded.
    • Is this, perhaps, not playing nicely with "no submission" assignments?

This is definitely a feature we'd like to use and promote at the University of Idaho, so I look forward to any updates/fixes.

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View with filter on:
filter 1.png:

Leave page and come back, filter looks to be applied but it is not:

filter 2.png

Must turn filter off then back on to have it work....

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Thanks, @DavidSchlater, for the screenshots! We've got a ticket created to investigate and fix this issue. Please watch the change log for updates on when this is fixed. I'll likely also reply here to be sure you're aware it has been updated.  

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Hi, @SeanQuallen,

Thanks for testing this new feature preview and providing feedback. It seems that you are experiencing some very strange behavior detailed in your first two bullets that I am unable to recreate in several of our test and sandbox environments. Would you be willing to send me a private message with the link(s) to your test course(s) in which you saw these issues so that I can dig a bit deeper?  

We have been made aware of the submission filters not showing as expected when navigating away and back. I've also been able to reproduce this one in my own sandbox and have a ticket created for our engineers to apply a fix. 

The "has ungraded submissions" should filter to show only those assignments that have submission from students that have not yet been graded by the instructor. Given that no submission assignments should not have a submission, we would not filter for those to show since there is no option for a student to submit. 

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@jsailor  - 

After I create and enable the Ungraded Submissions filter I then refresh the Grades view and a new filter is then added that I did not create. The view I then see is just the Assignment Group totals and the total grade.   I am not seeing useful results with the Ungraded Submissions filter.

See below.


I did not create this filterI did not create this filterApplied filtersApplied filters

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What @DavidSchlater and I experienced is very similar to what @Jeff_F is describing with the "Unnamed Filter"

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