Feedback on Gradebook enhanced filters

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My team and I started using the new filters a few weeks and while the additional options for filtering may be useful we found some significant usability problems and I lost a useful management tool.

Some background.

  • My team is working with a larger course/subject. We have over 600 students in 16 tutorials. Students work on a project in groups of 3 or 4 so we also have about 150 groups (8 to 10 per tutorial).
  • The teaching team comprises a coordinator, a head tutor (me), and 10 tutors. Most tutors teach a single tutorial but some have two.
  • The subject has almost 40 sections as there are 2 sections per tutorial (as duration changes over the semester) plus lectures and workshops.

Setting up a filter for one or two tutorials is OK but more than that (and we do need more than that) is time consuming and difficult to use with too many clicks and scrolls needed to move from one selection to another. This is a problem for me because the old filters were a very useful tool to review, manage and help tutors and groups, but the enhanced tool makes it impossible.

I'm hoping that at least some of the old functionality will be returned for us to use, or that the UX is redesigned so it's easier to use.


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