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Filter by class period (containing multiple sections)

I would like to be able to use the enhanced grade book filters to filter by multiple sections. Currently, I am only able to filter to by a single section.

Here is a use-case scenario:

Ms. Smith teaches 5 periods of on-level 7th grade ELA. Each period is rostered in the district SIS using two different course numbers: one course number for gen ed students and another course number for special ed students. This results in 10 courses in Canvas, which Ms. Smith cross-lists into one course.

When looking at Assignment in the Canvas Gradebook, she would like to be able to filter to see all of Period 1, Period 2, Period 3, the way that she sees students in her classroom. Currently, she can only filter section by section, allowing her to see Period 1 Gen Ed, Period 1 Spec Ed, Period 2 Gen Ed, Period 2 Spec Ed, etc.

We have the same situation occur with gifted, ELL, etc. We are in the very beginning stages of moving to Canvas from another LMS and our teachers have been able to filter by class period after combining their courses for a number of years and they will be incredibly bummed if this is something they lose with the switch to Canvas. 

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