Use cases for enhanced gradebook filters

Community Contributor

I wanted to share a couple of use cases that have come up recently that I think more developed enhanced gradebook filters might be able to address.

Use case #1: We have tutors who provide feedback on just a couple key assignments in the course. It would be nice to be able to create and share with them (or direct them how to build and save) a saved filtered view of just the assignment and the section it applies to (i.e. saving an assignment filter along with a section filter) as well as a second view that only shows submitted and ungraded entries for that assignment (i.e. applying the submission and grading filters to rows, not column).

Use case #2: I'm not sure if this is in the scope of enhanced gradebook filters, but raising it since enabling the filters eliminates the arrange by options (that seems nuts, fyi—oh wait, found them!! Under the gear icon. Ooh, too hidden). Anyway. We thought the gradebook was being buggy this week because when we sorted by due date, it seemed to just alphabetize the assignments. Then I saw this little nugget in the current documentation: "Differentiated assignments with one or more due dates that aren't assigned to everyone can only be sorted alphabetically." Well, the entire course is pretty much differentiated assignments, which means no ability to sort. It'd be great if the new filters introduced that capability.

Gonna also take the opportunity to chime in that I have also had numerous requests from teachers to be able to export the filtered view of the gradebook.