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Hi everyone:

I have a couple of questions that I hope you guys can answer. We just got Canvas this summer.

I realized I had made a mistake in how I had added in an extra credit assignment for a student, so in the gradebook, I corrected it. Then I got an email from the student who said, "I saw that my response grade for X changed." So apparently, Canvas automatically notified him that something had changed in the gradebook? Is this automatic notification something I can change? Or something only students can change?

As you can imagine, it seems like it could be very frustrating if students get a notification or email every time anything is revised in the gradebook. I don't want them to have real-time INSTRUCTOR CHANGED SOMETHING!



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Community Coach

erinbreaux​, greetings and welcome to Canvas! You are correct that based on students have their individual notification settings set, they will get notified every time something changes in the gradebook (among other things).

From the student side, here are a couple student guides that might help you better understand what's going on:

On the instructor side of things, one thing you can do to delay when students are notified - for example if you are entering grades and you want to get all of them entered in (and possible checked/adjusted) before you release them to students, you can "mute" them. Likewise, if you know you are going in to an assignment to adjust grades you can also mute the assignment until you are done changing things. Students will still get notified, but at least they won't get multiple notifications if you need to adjust things multiple times.

Here are a couple of guides that will help explain this more:

Hope this helps!

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