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Badges or Credentials for Canvas?

Hi at Canvas,

Are you thinking about making "badges" or credentials (think Credly  Credly ) which would stay with the individual who earned them? It's fun, motivational, and in my opinion, would build community and brand loyalty for Canvas.

Just food for thought.

Diana Brauhn

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Community Team
Community Team

 @diana_brauhn ​, you're right: badges are fun and motivational! Are you referring to badging in Canvas courses (when students complete courses), or do you mean badges for teachers and other users of Canvas (upon completion of training or other PD, for example)?


Hi,  @diana_brauhn !

How were stefaniesanders‌ questions? Were they able to get the ball rolling for badging? 

For now, since this question is from almost a year ago, I am going to mark it as assumed answered. This won't prevent others from commenting on the question in the event they want to contribute to the badging conversation as well!

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We've created a module in Canvas Commons:  Using Badges (with Badgr) in your Canvas Courseto help faculty create and implement Badges [uses Canva and Badgr] in their course.  There is also an Assignment, which has been shared via Canvas Commonthat ties to our Students: Intro to Canvas course (not shared to Canvas Commons).  

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I think as we look at Gamification, badges will become more important. I do like the idea that they can travel with the student, so when they are no longer part of the institution they can still show their achievements.

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I use badges now in one of my grad level courses and the students,primarily like them.  I d want to move toward micro-credentialing, however, and will want to integrate tasks from several courses - and from their workplaces - to help them earn level of micro-credentials.....

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