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Hi everyone,

I'm teaching two sections of one course and am again using Blueprint. I've not encountered the issue I'm now having: I go into the blueprint, make changes, add content to the modules, publish the elements in the module, then sync to push the changes out (including checking the box for including course settings).

Then when I go to the sync history I see each item that I've posted a change for listed with "exceptions." Of course, then when I go to the child courses, I see that the changes have not taken effect. I'm super frustrated by this. Again, I've used a blueprint before and had no issues. Now...ugh!


Blueprint master

Child course #1:

Child course 1

Child course #2

child course 2

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Hi Polly Robinson,

I'm sorry it wasn't that simple! If you think that isn't the cause of the sync exceptions you saw, I have two more suggestions (which I understand likely aren't relevant now, as it sounds like you abandoned Blueprint for this term):

  • Take a look at the Sync History ( ) and look at the Sync Exceptions listed. This should indicate what caused the exception (content change, date change, etc.).
  • Open a ticket with Canvas Support for assistance. They should be able to figure what caused the sync exception(s).

Good luck!


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