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When will be the next time that "Canvas Collaboration and Group Work" training session will be offered? The Mon, Feb. 22 session is full. It's also in the mid-morning when I am teaching.

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erinbreaux​ we are working on the Public Facing calendar now and mapping out the training offerings for the next 4 weeks.  As soon as we can publish that with our registration and scheduling software it will be available!

A few things to be aware of moving forward for everyone. The Collaboration and Group Work is considered one of our custom sessions and will not be offered as frequently as the entry level webinars like Support, Admin, and Teachers Fundamentals Training. Starting March 1st all of our Public Sessions will be part of the subscription that schools can purchase.  All clients and schools just joining the Canvas family will be using this new system for training.  Those who have been with Canvas for a while have several options to participate if they choose to!  I would suggest that you speak with your Admin to determine how your institution has chosen to participate.

We are very excited with this upgrade - how and when we deliver trainings will make it much more available for everyone using Canvas to attend.  Do you have any additional suggestions, feedback or questions?  ~Shauna

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