Canvas Overwriting an Existing Assignment

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We are in the process of converting from Moodle to Canvas at my institution.  I'm in the first group using Canvas, and have had rudimentary training, but am running across the usual growing pains problems.   But this one is more than growing pains.

We were able to import our Moodle classes to a Canvas sandbox, from which we can import content to our new Canvas weekly modules as we wish.  In the assignments section of my current class's Canvas page, I have already created shells for a series of small weekly writing assignments (identified as Fieldwork # and the week's number) students must submit.  I'm currently preparing Week 9, and built the weekly assignment, called Fieldwork #9.  

Today, I imported older Week 9 materials from Moodle into my class, including the weekly assignment, which had a different name.  Canvas imported it into Assignments, but overwrote Fieldwork #9.  This has happened once before, and I can't figure why.  Has anyone run across this, have any idea why it's happening or best, know how to rescue the overwritten assignment?  I'd made some updates to the guidelines, and would really like to retrieve them!

Any help or insights appreciated!

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Community Coach

 @mclark4 , this must be rather frustrating for you! I’m not sure why it’s happening, but my recommendation is to contact Canvas Support and see if they can help. To do this click on the Help link and Report a Problem. 


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