Commonly requested/needed resources?

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Hi Higher Ed community,

I'm wondering if any institutions have created their own "Commons," i.e. internal databases that include general templates for sorts of things that not obviously apparent but might be commonly used (or could be more commonly used, if they were easier to implement) in Canvas. The idea was precipitated by a number of instructors asking me how to set up somewhere in their course where students could post their own presentation slides for other students to download - I advised them all to create a Discussion thread, but I'm thinking it might be a good idea to just make a Discussion thread for this purpose (with detailed instructions on how to post for the students pre-written, pertinent options selected, etc.) to minimize work on the instructors' end. Other resources I can think (just off of the top of my head) might be:

- Course feedback surveys (ungraded survey with a few general questions, to which instructors could add more)

- Step-by-step guides for students that instructors can share as needed

- Pre-made weekly discussion threads (12 Discussion threads, one per week of the semester)

Of course, the other obstacle to this idea is that it's not super easy to get just one item from a Canvas course to another if the user isn't already an instructor in both courses. Suggestions for that problem (beyond exporting each file as an entire Canvas course to be imported) are also welcome!