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Dashboard question

I am preparing my course roster for the fall, but they will not appear on my dashboard.  When will that be possible?

Can I use a setting to enable them to appear on my dashboard?

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Thaat is helpful. Where do you set the teacher access date?

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You will need to go to your account and click on 'Terms'. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the term you want to edit. See the following link for more information on term settings: How do I add a new term in an account? 

Take a look at the following link to learn more about term, course, and section dates: 

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I just checked and for our Institution we have our Terms set so that Instructors can access our terms "whenever" so that definitely could be why I can star my Fall course.

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Curious! Instructure says nothing is wrong with Canvas. This thread has proven my complaint.

Students need Read-Only access to their courses for the last term. They don't need to participate.

In the Terms of our main Account, we set the "Students can access from" Start / End Date so that students can put the course on their Dashboard, just like the "Teacher" Dates. Sure enough . . . students can access the course in their Dashboard, but in participation-mode not Read-Only mode.

Notice, too, that we check a box for participation with Course Dates or Section Dates. We don't check a box in Term Dates because the Term is highest you can go. This means that "Students can access from" dates are worthless, meaningless. If students can participate, then these dates are the same as Term Dates.

I have written Instructure on this issue several times, and they keep sending me URLs to Guides and teaching how Canvas works. But we have a problem that's not solved by my education. Our problem is solved by their admission that something is broken.

All of this happened after the last update. I have received several calls from students about this. Can we all be wrong?

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I also had a similar question, but did find a solution. Are you an admin or teacher? I am an admin and I was able to set the term in the admin settings to allow whomever I wanted to see the course whenever I needed it to be done.

I do not think that Canvas is broken, it may not have the functionality that you are looking for. Don’t be angry. You can always suggest upgrades to them. I am not clear as to your question. But this has been my experience.


Hi  @chavi_goldberg did you find out what the problem was concerning your original question of courses not appearing on the dashboard?

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