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Does Respondus work with new quizzes yet.

When we renewed our Respondus license this year, I saw that there has been an update to version 4.0. Does anyone know if this makes Respondus compatible with New Quizzes?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @debbie_ellis ...

My best guess least, not directly.  I found these Release Notes on the Respondus website: Respondus Patch.  So, you'd still need to create your quizzes like you normally do (we create them usually in *.txt files if there isn't any basic formatting needed like bold, italics, etc.)  Then, use Respondus to upload the quiz into a Canvas course.  Next, migrate the quiz to New Quizzes: How do I migrate a Canvas quiz to New Quizzes?.

(This is our process for creating quizzes in Canvas: Batch Uploading Quiz Questions with Respondus‌.)

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So far, the QTI files generated by Respondus 4.0 is not accepted by the "New Quiz" either. It is v 1.1.3. New Quiz wants a 1.2 at least. 

The workaround to import the Respondus QTI into "New Quiz" Item Bank is lengthy and cumbersome, and.... you don't want to include fancy formats.


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This thread is not about Respondus Lockdown Browser, it's about Respondus 4.0 - a different product.