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Does your institution use Canvas LMS to deliver employee training?

Does your higher ed institution use Canvas LMS to deliver employee training?

Do you use a different employee training platform instead? 

Just starting to look into the possibility and wanted to see what other institutions are doing.

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Hi  @farrarem ,

I have worked at 2 higher ed institutions that have used Canvas and both of them have used it to provide employee training. From on boarding, to continually training on core teaching methods, etc.  

Canvas provides a great platform to provide continually employee training as you can produce reports to see how employees are progressing through the course and grades they are making on the quizzes. 


Do you force enroll faculty or allow the self-enroll option? This is something we are currently wrestling through. 

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There's a self-enroll option in Canvas?  (Although we are owned by a for-profit and so I might not have access to do this, but curious!)

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I have not seen a self-enroll option in Canvas.  I do not believe that is an option, however the limited access issue may be a reason why. 

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Community Coach

 @farrarem  yes, we use Canvas for employee onboarding, Title IX training, and other things like this. Overall it works really well and we’ve been happy with it. It’s also nice that by doing this all staff get at least a basic level of understanding about how Canvas works/functions. 

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Do you force enroll faculty or allow the self-enroll option? This is something we are currently wrestling through. 

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We have both Canvas and Bridge. We will use one or the other depending on the degree of interactivity needed and the instructional need. (Bridge being for more compliance-oriented content transmission and Canvas for more dynamic experiences.)

sethgurell‌, I hope to see you some time in the Bridge Community:  Welcome | Bridge Community 

Building off of Seth's comment...

  • Canvas' core use case is to enhance an academic classroom. Academic courses need features like syllabus, attendance, discussion forums, etc.
  • Bridge's core use case is e-learning. It makes it easy to publish e-learning, enroll swaths of employees based upon role in the org chart, track who has completed what, and nudge people to complete.
  • It is possible to use Canvas for e-learning, but the user experience will always be a little bit awkward. For example, it takes extra clicks to turn off "syllabus" from course navigation or to figure out which students have yet to complete a course.
  • However, it is also a hassle to juggle multiple platforms (more employee training, additional contracts stuff living in multiple places). For that reason, my institution has chosen to do employee training on Canvas. Canvas isn't great at e-learning but it is "good enough" for employee training and less of a hassle, all things considered, compared to adopting a separate corporate LMS.
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Our community college is in the process of creating an onboarding course for new faculty. The course is in Canvas and will include information about who we are as an organization, where to find resources, how to help students access resources, etc.

Do you force enroll faculty or allow the self-enroll option? This is something we are currently wrestling through. 

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We have not gone live with the course and our plan is to set it up for fall 2018. My guess it that we will force enroll just so faculty have the resources. As of right now, there are no quizzes, required discussions, etc. It is really just a repository for information.

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Hi Taintor Amanda,

For anything that is institution wide we auto enroll our employees into. We do have some sub-accounts by program that we allow them to manually enroll employees into or send them a link to the course for them to self register. I know this probably doesn't help, but we use the 3 different methods based  upon what's going to be the easiest and least amount of work for the given needs presented to us.

This is helpful, thanks!

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We use Canvas to deliver faculty training. We will soon look at staff training. 

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We use Canvas for faculty training, new staff training, and I just created a student resources class in Canvas. We also have different student groups using it. Depending on the training or how the course shell is being used, we allow self-enrollment, but if we require the training, as admin I will enroll them.

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Hi  @amandataintor ,

Largely it depends  on your faculty - are they unionized? It's not a buzz-kill if they are, you'll just have to do a bit more soft-selling. Generally, faculty (and staff) are in more favor of taking an HR-required test online to sitting in a conference room...yet again. If you have administrative support (and union support, if necessary), force-enrolling them is really your only option.

I've administered the following;

- Sexual Harassment
- Cultural Awareness/non-discrimination


- Work Study Certification

(On a personal note, I still recommend and thoroughly enjoy building-specific safety training and active shooter training and drills in person.)

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Yes, we use it for staff training.  

My place is currently revamping the staff induction process and Canvas will have big role to play in that.  In the UK there are some regulatory training requirements everyone needs to do, and in some cases they don't have an option to not do the training so we will build those Canvas courses into the induction process.  Also, I feel that training folks on the basics of our systems - VLE, SIS, etc - should be compulsory for new starters, just so that they can do their jobs. 

The rest of the training is optional, things like "Advanced instructional design for online learning" or "Digital education pedagogy and principles" are nice to have, but not core to our delivery model (yet) nor a regulatory requirement.


Two summers ago we were making a drastic transition to Google (keeping in mind that the last time they had an email system change was 18 years ago and that was going from no email to "here's a new system that you might use one every week or two).   Since we were doing the switch in summer, and we are a boarding school and faculty were all over the world, we had a required Google Email training course that all employees were required to complete.

We've also partnered with SignSchool for a volunteer project we were doing when we hired a new hearing impaired employee.  Those interested, from staff, faculty and students, could go into this "secret" course and learn sign language to surprise him.

And this is sort of training, but we are in the 2nd year of using Canvas for our required Faculty Portfolio courses, which they have 15-18 assignments per year and offered feedback and review on their teaching style throughout the year. 

I have some other ideas but need to find the time to do.  One idea is Employee On-Boarding process.  But I'm still in the early stages of this one...  Anyone doing this?

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Currently we're using Canvas for STU101 our Introduction to the College for Students, TCH101 How to Teach Online, TCH102 FERPA and Title IX Training and then I created Instructor Canvas Resources (since faculty can get overwhelmed sometimes) where I've put the How to's from Canvas as links into the course and then added all faculty. I've also added some How to's that I've created. This also guides them to things they can do in Canvas versus all of the options.  We are owned by a corporation so we have training they create using different tools as well.

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Hey  @farrarem ,

We use Canvas for employee training on Title IX and FERPA. We also put student workers through the same FERPA training if they need it (i.e. as a teacher assistant or grader). We use do have a FERPA training session about a couple times each semester that everyone had to make time for in their schedule. With Canvas, all employees can take the training on their schedule. This really helps with student workers because they come and go more frequently than our staff and faculty. We can drop a student into the course at any time and they can go through it and take a test at the end.

 @amandataintor ‌, we do enroll all employees into these training courses. We use scripts with our database to automatically add people when their status changes.

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We adopted Canvas 3 years ago, and created training/video tutorials in a course for instructors and another student orientation course. The instructors were manually added to the course as they were hired, and we did face to face or over the phone training as well. The student course is linked in all of our online courses and is a part of the "Get Started" process in the courses. 

This past January we  adopted Bridge to use in a variety of ways. We have begun developing training for staff and instructors on Accessibility. We have also developed some training for hourly employees, clocking in. One of the first courses we created in Bridge was for Supervisors to improve their performance review process. Recently our ITS department created an integration with the grade posting system and Canvas grades, and they created a course that showed Instructors the process. We have also developed several non credit, on demand courses for student support- Reading for Content, Managing Test Anxiety, that students can self enroll in. 

Students and staff are able to access the Bridge system through our employee/student portal using single sign on. For students and staff the account is created when they enter. We have also manually enrolled staff in specific courses using CSV and it will then show up on their Bridge dashboard.

It has been a little confusing managing two systems, one for students and instructors, and one for the entire college. But I feel like using Bridge has allowed us to create training that is more accessible to everyone. 

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Sorry if this is a bad place for this question- We are setting up (and currently testing) a training course using Canvas for our student employees to take and refer to while they are in their position with our Division. Some issues we are trying to work around and haven't found any success in are:

  1. splitting students up per department within division (i.e. Walk-Up support, Phone support, Computer lab support, Account support...etc)
    1. making the information for each department both separated when information is specific to one dept
    2. sharing information with select people depending on their department.(i.e. sharing one page/quiz with Walk-Up and Phone but not Account support)
  2. Having one page of information that we upkeep instead of pages within Canvas Groups that we have to update individually (creating opportunity for mistakes)
  3. Being able to keep some form of "you get 100% you move on, you get 50% you go back and read it again" for which we are currently using Mastery Paths


Currently we have the structure as:

  1. Main course (designated as Organization)
    1. Section Walk-Up Support-----we use the section feature to keep the 300+ students manageable by the department leads in the grade book
      1. Group Walk-Up Support----- used to split information that is not common to majority of groups


Thank you in advance to any advice given!

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Hi I am just going to say hi, because I am not sure if I am in the place. 

Someone please help

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