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Engaging Students in a Transition to Online Learning

Community Advocate
Community Advocate
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This write up is based on a webinar I provided to my institution today.  I am sharing it with the Canvas Community for anyone who would find it useful.  My target audience is traditional faculty who are transitioning from brick classrooms to online classes.  

As faculty across education are rushing to shift from traditional classrooms to online formats, our priorities are to focus on content delivery. As we transition to virtual meeting spaces and digital classrooms, it is important to create a community of online learners through meaningful interactions and social technologies. Keeping students engaged is not only important to foster learning, but it is also essential as we identify and support at-risk student behavior. Supporting students and mitigating attrition is important throughout our transition to online.

This webinar will provide faculty with the theories, tools, technologies, and strategies for proactively engaging students in your online learning environments.