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Grading using Ellucian ILP integration with Canvas


We would like to know of schools that have implemented Ellucian ILP 5 SaaS and how their grade passback has been working.   We have a current Ellucian support case being worked on for grading in courses with pass/fail students since they are failing.  Since instructors at our school do not know if a student is pass/fail, when a grade is put in for the student, the entire passback of grades for the course fails.  We are curious what other schools have done with this issue?  We know other schools are using the Grade passback LTI and have been sending grades from Canvas to Banner but are wondering how they get around this issue of pass/fail students.


UPDATE:  We had a session with Ellucian developers to go through the entire scenario of Pass/Fail in Banner and ILP grading.  Ellucian states that there is a defect in the Ethos student API that prevents ILP from correctly processing course grades when there is a pass/fail student.  They will be doing a fix for this and then fix ILP but we do not have a timeline.  For now instructors with this pass/fail situation have been told to use the Banner Faculty grading module.  Other courses are using the Canvas LTI 'Grade Send' module.

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