Granular Permission Changes -- Impact on Existing Roles

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Hi All,

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!  I have been meaning to post something about this for a while in the community, but I wanted to share some of the issues we've been having with Instructure rolling out more granular permissions.  I know we were one of the louder voices pushing for this, and in my experience having a larger permission set allows for far better role customization (such as in Moodle, D2L, etc.).

We're a large district, four colleges, 5-7k classes, 70-80k unique users per term, and we run Canvas from one instance with a huge number of subaccounts.  That said, we had setup the roles in such a way were the sub-admins from each college had the appropriate permissions from within  their college subaccount, and had permissions at the top level, etc. (such as the ability to act as).  What has been happening lately is that as permissions are rolled out, some of what our roles have been able to do now is not possible.  We've worked with Instructure and have multiple cases open, but often we'll get responses that we need to add permissions to the roles we aren't comfortable with.

We have 27 different course/admin roles currently, and when for instance a subaccount admin no longer has permission to manage enrollment status in their courses due to a role they have at the account level in Canvas, that seems to be a usability issue.  The solution seems often to be adding additional permissions, but again we aren't comfortable with many of those, as the users have elevated permissions only for their college and other similar subaccounts (such as Dev, Clubs&Orgs, etc.).

Mainly I am wanting to see if other higher ed users have been seeing this as well.  There are so many functions in Canvas not tied to a specific permission but are dependent upon a number of other permissions being enabled.  If you do have a large number of roles or multiple colleges with different admins at each sharing an instance I would be curious to hear how you have been managing.

I do like that Instructure is listening to feedback and creating more granular permissions, it has just been  a bumpy road for us as we've already created so many roles based on what the permissions were initially.

Thanks for your time reading this!


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