Helping IT understand ID

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I have worked as an instructional designer at several universities. Administration of Canvas falls under IT and for legitimate security reasons, IT places access restrictions on users. At every university I’ve worked up until now, I have been given wide admin access to the courses I develop, maintain, and manage. I now work at a university which has an extremely restrictive security policy, both at the school level and at the university level. 

At other universities I have been given admin access in Canvas to the sub accounts I work in, with a few reasonable restrictions. On a daily basis I expect to be able to search for any course by name or instructor, enter any course without the need to be added to it, create new empty coarse shells, copy courses and their content, view as student, act as student, and other broad permissions to assist faculty (and sometime students) with creating,developing, and troubleshooting our Canvas courses. Instead I find myself having to request access course by course, even resource by resource, in order to do very routine tasks. Often the request for access alone isn’t sufficient and email comes back with multiple questions asking me to justify my need for the access.

How do I help IT understand the role of ID and our need for flexibility access to be able to do my routine job in a prompt and efficient manner?