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Is there a way to track if a student has watched videos posted in Canvas?

I teach asynchronous online classes and would like to make sure my students are watching the videos I post.  Is there a way to monitor if Student A watched Video X?  I know I can see how much time a student has spent on Canvas but is there a way to know if they actually watched (or at least interacted with the page) that my video is embedded on? 

Thank you for any help!

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Hi Meredith,

If your institution utilizes Arc, you'd be able to identify how much of the video was watched by your students.

Check out Arc | A Better Video Platform for Better Online Learning for more information.

Maybe you could be the force that gets your institution to use it! It's a great tool and all our UTK faculty love it!



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The only way I am familiar with is the Canvas Arc tool, that only works with videos that you upload to it or post YouTube videos with it.

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Hi Rosie,

Thanks so much! I haven't heard of Arc but I am DEFINITELY finding out if we have it.


Thanks, Eric! I will check into Arc.