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Howdy all.

I am trying to run a Canvas Report on "User course Access" but have found what I believe is a bug.

In the report I am asked to set a date to start the report from. I select Jan 1st 2022.

And yet, when I run the report it will ONLY give me data for the past 30 days.

How can I get this data from the 12 month period?



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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @DeletedUser,

If you click the help icon for that report, at the very end it does state "A maximum of one month's data will be retrieved. By default, it will return data from the beginning of the previous week."  So, I think the report is acting as designed at this point, but I know that's not really the info you wanted to hear.  If the report is easy for you to run and you like the format of the data, perhaps you could set up a script to run the report every 30 days and save those locally so you could have your own local archive.  Of course you can only do that going forward, so you'll still be in a bind to get data right now.  I'd suggest taking a look at Canvas Data Services to get longer term data right now, but I'll admit that it may take some learning or a specialist to get things setup and get he data you actually want out of all the available info.


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