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You know how we can set a module to be visible after a certain date? It would be really great if there were a way we could do this with pages. For example, if I have a page or module set for each week, the system would auto-load tthat one as the main page. Alternatively, it would jump down the module list to the module assigned to this week. Is there a way to do this I'm not seeing? And if not, is there a way it could be added? Thanks for any input!

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Community Coach

Hi @JennDupre,

Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a way to automate this through the UI at this point in time.  If you have the pages front page set as your course home page, it would only be a couple clicks to change the front page each week, but I know you'd rather have it totally automated.  You could always submit this idea for consideration via the Canvas Ideas page (once your community account has been active for a few days and you are set to the member rank instead of novice) to see if it would get any traction.

Hope the info helps a bit, even if it's not what you were hoping to hear.


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