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Memories from Khaki 2015

Community Coach
Community Coach
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A little over two years ago I got a chance to participate in Canvas' first Project Khaki! The purpose was to bring together some of the most active Canvas users (of all types and from all areas) and talk about how to make Canvas even better! It was an amazing experience that I've been reminiscing about as  @James ‌ prepared to take part in Project Khaki 2017.

So what were some of my favorite memories?

#10 - Getting to hangout and spend time with snugent‌! We are fellow central Illinois Canvas users and got to travel together, which made the experience even better!

#9 -Deconstructed s'more! Yes, I'll leave that one right there and let it speak for itself!

#8 - Dinner with fellow Project Khaki participants and Instructure employee's! It was great to talk with people in such a relaxed atmosphere and the food was excellent and the conversation was even better!

#7 - Josh Coates taking us on a tour of the Instructure headquarters. What an eye opening experience to see where the magic happens and to see just how much fun the employees incorporated into their work space.

#6 - Chatting with Brad Koch (Sr Director of Product Management at the time) in the airport when we were heading home and then ending up sitting right behind him on our flight!


#5 - Not realizing who A00364575‌ was even after he introduced himself and I sat at a table with him all day. I thought he was a super nice guy who used Canvas, but had no idea I was sitting and casually chatting with a Canvas rock star!

#4 - Being too much of a stefaniesanders‌ fan girl to actually talk to her! I was totally in awe of her and how cool she seemed in person to actually go up and introduce myself!

#3 - Sitting across from  @jared ‌ at lunch! Do I really need to say anything else? Jared is crazy intelligent, interesting, and really gets pedagogy!

#2 - Josh Coates answering his cell phone in the middle of talking to the Project Khaki group. Yep, Josh was literally up front and center when his phone rang. Josh checked and saw that it was the guy working on his pool and decided he better take the call. Unfortunately it sounded like an expensive fix for his pool, but for us it was pretty funny!

#1 - Getting to meet and collaborate with so many amazing Canvas users! I'm sure I'll miss some of them, but to name a few...  @chofer ‌,  @Robbie_Grant ‌,  @rseilham ‌,  @clong ‌,  @dhulsey ‌,  @curtain ‌,  @franke ‌, SHEBENE‌, jmay‌,  @mlattke ‌,  @James_Kocher_UF ‌, rgibson1‌,  @RobDitto ‌, & kbeimfohr‌.

For fellow Khaki 2015 users, what were your favorite memories??

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