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New Quizzes in Course Copied from Previous Year Says Students Have Already Taken Quiz

Dear Canvas Hivemind,

I teach a university level lecture class using Canvas, and created the course from my previous year's content. I had created a quiz question bank last year with the intent of reusing the questions from year to year.

So I'm attempting to use items from this question bank for my last quiz this semester, but when I try to modify them all the questions are saying that "Some students have already submitted answers for this item! You can apply your edits to a copy of this item which will only be seen by students that have not taken the assessment."

But no one has taken this assessment that is being newly created from the question bank, so why am I getting a message for this? If I have to make copies of every question, that seems to defeat the purpose of having a master question bank.

What am I missing here?



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That message they put isn’t very clear.  I tested that before.  All that means is that if any student who have seen the question in a quiz, then their current quiz attempt won’t show any changes you made.  But, if they attempt the same quiz again, or if any student who haven’t seen that question in a quiz before, they’ll see your latest version.

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Having to hit "edit a copy" every time is rather annoying if it doesn't mean anything for a new class. It's like the question is tied to a particular class answer, even when it's been copied to another, completely new, class. Maybe someone with some knowledge of the inner workings of Canvas can explain more?

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Perhaps someone from Canvas can explain this? I can't find anything on this. 

Why should a test bank from a previous year have any connection to student answers? It makes no sense to have to 'edit a copy' for every single question and seems counter to the idea of having a test bank in the first place.

Checking in - any reply on this?  I'm having the same problem.  This quiz has not been taken by any student in any course, yet I'm getting the same message.  ??

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I don't have in depth knowledge on the inner workings of Canvas, but we have had this experience too. After contacting Canvas support, we were told that message will appear any time a question has been seen or answered within a quiz attempt, even in previous semester courses. You have to click "Edit a Copy" to edit the question for students who have not seen or answered that question. Previous versions of the question will remain unchanged. It is definitely very confusing.

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Wow, I wasn't aware of that. Is that expected behaviour? Sounds like it is going to make question bank roll-over between semesters a very painful experience. Be good to hear from someone in Instructure about any plans for this. And if it is expected behaviour then it sounds like it has not been well documented or communicated and an improvement may be required.