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Organizing Pinned Discussions into Topics after the fact

My colleague has come up with a brilliant way to have the student-community essentially self-grade their own proofs in a math course; however, his system involves a new discussion post for each problem number.  These then need to be pinned to organize sequentially for the homework set.  I would like to bundle the discussion posts by homework set so that for homework set 3 neither the students nor I have to scroll through the first 40 homework problems for sets 1 and 2 to arrive at the discussion posts for set 3.  This problem will become a more acute as the semester wears on.  Imagine that by set 10 we will be scrolling through hundreds of posts.  Even if organized, to arrive at the 20 posts we need to view for set 10 we will have to scroll through approximately 200 times, and we will have to do that 20 times, once for each post.  Can anyone suggest solutions for bundling the discussion posts into sets (my idea) or another equally promising idea?

Thank you!

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