Prism.js integration via Custom CSS/JS

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Hi everyone,

We are currently using the standard Canvas RCE code highlighting for program code.  Our ed designers and academicians want more syntax highlighting than is currently available.

So we are considering the use of prism.js as an add-on to our custom JS and CSS for Canvas. It can be found here:  Are there other universities using Prism.js (or anything similar) with Canvas? It's always great to know who else is on the journey, especially in the Higher Ed landscape.

I've been following a couple of discussions on the Canvas community site about language highlighting and the integration of Prism.js with the Canvas RCE. Here are the links for your reference:

- Language Highlighting Post

- Prism.js and Canvas RCE Integration Idea

- Example of a Customer Using Prism with Canvas

From what I understand, even if Instructure doesn't integrate Prism.js officially, we can implement it ourselves through the custom JS/CSS mechanism built into Canvas. However, I'd love to hear if there's any feedback from Instructure on this or any insights from customers who have tried it out.

Thanks in advance for any responses!