Share your Faculty Professional Teaching Development Programs (please!?)

Community Champion

Would folks, pretty please, share/link the most successful parts of their faculty development programs relating to Canvas?

Ideally, as our faculty transition from D2L into Canvas, I'd like to figure out how to successfully encourage them to super-charge the heutagogical and experiential learning elements of their courses. For many, that sounds like "too much work!" and they want to just focus on doing the same ol' same ol' in Canvas (a waste of a promising student-centered LMS!). How do I convince them to change — even just 1-3 things — right away?

Perhaps more realistically, next year — if we can get their attention again — we can put together a Next Steps series on turning the course they just recreated in Canvas into a better one. How do we get them to come back for more?

Any examples you can share and link to that do either of these well? We've tried (with pretty good success) the Active Teaching Labs (seeA Successful Canvas Faculty Development Program), and are currently designing a four-session series on Teaching Effectively in Canvas (Please share ideas & advice!).

I'd love to learn more from the Community, so am tagging Higher Ed folks I've already been learning from:awilliams  @stephensda   @lindalee   @kroeninm  snufer  @abunag   @caryn   @Chris_Hofer  chriscas  @ccalderon   @dejonghed07  925024864  @G_Petruzella   @ProfessorBeyrer   @James  Jeff Ferner  @jthoms   @kari   @kmeeusen   @kblack   @kenneth_rogers   @kona   @lindalee   @anthonem   @mjennings  rgibson1  @Robbie_Grant  ishar-uw  @stevenwilliams  cms_hickss  @tom_gibbons   @tdelillo