SoftChalk Lessons - Better To Display Within Course or In New Tab?

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Hi, everyone,

SoftChalk Cloud is a Canvas certified partner, and there's a handy tutorial for putting in the URL of a non-graded SoftChalk lesson into Canvas.

The tutorial suggests putting it in as a non-graded assignment, and when the student clicks on the link the SoftChalk lesson opens in a new tab.

Is there a way to use frames to have the lesson open within Canvas? If so, how well does it work, especially on mobile devices?

Anyone have experience with this?


Dan Barnett

Butte College

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Hi Dan:

I actually prefer to have my SoftChalk lessons open within Canvas, and my students do not seem to have a problem with the dual navigation.

One thing to try in Canvas with SoftChalk is just loading the learning objects, without them being in an entire SoftChalk Lesson. I have never taken the time to view a SoftChalk lesson in the Canvas app, but all SoftChalk activities are now HTML5, and I understand they scale very well.

To Create just Learning Objects:

  • Create a new SoftChalk lesson,
  • within the lesson, create your activities,
  • Right-click an activity, and choose the Save as Object option.
  • When you create the embed code for the object you do not get the huge and distracting banner across the top,

I hope this helps,


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