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SoftChalk Lessons - Better To Display Within Course or In New Tab?

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Hi, everyone,

SoftChalk Cloud is a Canvas certified partner, and there's a handy tutorial for putting in the URL of a non-graded SoftChalk lesson into Canvas.

The tutorial suggests putting it in as a non-graded assignment, and when the student clicks on the link the SoftChalk lesson opens in a new tab.

Is there a way to use frames to have the lesson open within Canvas? If so, how well does it work, especially on mobile devices?

Anyone have experience with this?


Dan Barnett

Butte College

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Hey, Dale! I love SoftChalk. It has lots of interactions, and a faculty member who can use a word processor, can pick up SoftChalk with only a bit of guidance.

Sadly, the lessons do not appear in the mobile app. Perhaps  @peytoncraighill ​ would look into that with the integrations team? I have reported it to SoftChalk, but I am not sure they have heard from anyone else, so perhaps they think I am the only one who cares!

The good news is that the SoftChalk lessons themselves work perfectly in mobile browsers, so many students simply access the lesson through the browser on their device.  SoftChalk also publishes to book formats, but I haven't tried that because I want the integrate with the Canvas gradebook that the standard lesson format provides.

They do have a thirty day trial, so give it a try, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Thanks  @dhulsey ​! Just signed-up this morning for Softchalk to play around. Also did the Storyline 30 day trial. I don't think Storyline comes up on the app either and students have to access it through the browser too. Will find out soon. Thanks again!

Any personal experience I have to offer is now years and years out of date but we had good results with Softchalk back in Washington and sounds like they still do today

Articulate does have a mobile app which renders their interactions.  It maintains the integrity of the interactions, but we really prefer the content to remain in Canvas as much as possible, so we limit Storyline when we know the program has heavy mobile users.